Real Estate

Decide In Which Area Of The Cincinnati Is More Profitable To Acquire Our New Home

During the housing bubble the prices skyrocketed and lived by the beach or buying a vacation home was a luxury. Currently, prices plummeted to 50% over their cost in 2007. Being able to realize the dream of living by the sea is now more profitable and accessible.

Choose the way to buy

It is essential to think about how we want to make the purchase:

Direct purchase: Without mediation, it is an excellent opportunity to test our negotiating skills. But before choosing this option we must take into account certain fundamental aspects, do you have real estate knowledge to cope with the situation? Do you know the area enough to choose the best place? Do you control the expenses that you will have when buying?

Through Real Estate

  • It is evident that buying a real estate involves certain expenses, but also many advantages:
  • Professionals, have the necessary knowledge to advise us in the purchase.
  • Experts, choose a local real estate agency, who knows the area and can help us find exactly what we are looking for.
  • Negotiators, probably have more negotiating skills than us, managing to adjust the starting price a bit.

Carefree, if you do not have time to handle the purchase of the new home, having the services of a real estate agency is the best option; they take care of everything for you.

Identify our needs

To know what we are looking for we must understand what we need. The first thing is to decide if we are looking for a primary residence or a second home.

Choose to finance

An essential part of the process is choosing the appropriate and personalized financing for each operation. It is important to compare before deciding to fund, it is a difficult step, and we should seek advice if we believe it necessary.

Rate the services of the chosen area

Regardless if we are looking for a first or second-holiday residence it is important to value the services that the selected area offers us. The primary services offered by these areas are:

  • Supermarkets and pharmacies were accessible.
  • Shops and shopping center.
  • Area of restaurants and leisure.
  • Easy and direct access to the beach.
  • Green regions prepared to walk or exercise.
  • Bike lane to avoid moving by car.

These are just some of the services offered in these areas of Cádiz, without a doubt, they are a plus that revalues the place.

Remodels And Sells

Remodels And Sells Without Buying

Interior design and remodeling and sells without buying how? Very easy! In the market, there are hundreds of opportunities that you can apply with this technique. There are so-called social housing that was not completed because people little by little with the income they were getting were making a room, putting the floor and maybe never finished doing the bathroom, never finished making the necessary finishes for that this house can be commercialized.

What is it that you will need or what will be the added value that you will contribute? You are going to give it that touch that this house needs, you are going to make an “association contribution” with legal, mercantile contracts, wholly established before the Law, that you will be able to grant to the person who wants and needs this opportunity, this income opportunity that in many of the occasions only it has it when commercializing its house, which cannot obtain it to do by these details in its home.

With these details that you can improve in your home your surplus value rises, with which the market price in the market increases by 50, 100 or 200%, depending on the capacity you have to generate